AM800 Tuesday Roundtable with Sherry Bondy, Robbie Shepley, & Luciana Rosu-Sieza – June 4/24

Sherry Bondy, Robbie Shepley, & Luciana Rosu-Sieza join Jon Liedtke on AM800 CKLW to discuss:

  • AM800 CKLW NEWSPOLL: What would you like to see at the Windsor Arena site – a sports and entertainment complex or a housing development?
  • Do you support Ontario expanding MRI & CT scans to more private clinics to reduce wait-times 60 days?
  • More Canadians are moving to the US. Have you considered leaving Canada due to the cost of living?
  • The LCBO and CBSA could be going on strike this summer. Are you concerned of a summer service slowdowns because of strikes and job action?

This interview aired on AM800 CKLW.

ON-Air Fill-In Host
Windsor, ON

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