Musings on Canadian antisemitism

Every day there’s another instance of antisemitism in Canada, most recently one in Windsor Ontario by an elected official who should know better.

I could spend time diving deep into the antisemitism, why it was wrong, what it says about the current moment, and how I honestly don’t think what was said was intended to be antisemitic, but to say I am tired would be an understatement. To be honest, I am finding the words difficult to express how I truly feel.

The casualness and ease people deploy antisemitism, knowingly or not, brings me a deep feeling of unease and concern, one which I’ve never experienced before, yet feels familiar.

I expect it is familiar because this is exactly what every Jewish child is taught about: when things go wrong, when society begins to unravel, when our safety is no longer assured.

Perhaps I am being hyperbolic; it was only a statement made in the House of Commons by someone who I know personally not to be an antisemite. But that feeling of unease and concern is unrelenting and pervasive.

I implore our elected and unelected leadership to think about their words & actions, and how they will be interpreted by vulnerable minorities who are being targeted with antisemitism for the actions of another country by their fellow community members.

A casual remark, or a flippant act of antisemitism will not only cost votes in the future for elected officials or sales for those in private business, but will also leave a stain that tarnishes reputations moving forward; one which cannot be rubbed out no matter how much rub applied.

And to those who are speaking out, especially those who do so consistently, without request, and unreservedly, thank you. You know who you are. We see you. We appreciate you. We will stand with you in your time of need.

EDIT: It should be noted the elected official apologized following the statement breaking through the walls of the House of Commons when it went viral on social media.

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  1. Whitney Rogin Avatar
    Whitney Rogin

    YOU ARE NOT BEING HYPERBOLIC!!! Racism/antisemitism are real and our feelings and reactions to it are always real and valid. Don’t let anyone minimise your feelings or gaslight you into believing that what you reacted to is not real or that your reaction was not valid. 💙🇮🇱💙

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