We’re Not Going Anywhere

In Toronto there are pro-Palestine protestors are chanting “Go Back To Europe” & “We’re In Your Neighborhood and You Can’t Do Anything” while outside a Synagogue in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood.

These specific protestors don’t want Jews in Canada, let alone Israel or Palestine.That’s not pro-Palestine or even anti-Israel. That’s just JEW HATE, & we’ve seen it before, many times.

The vile scourge of antisemitism runs rampant and when it’s not snuffed out, it festers and grows like a boil until it pops into something much worse. It’s 2024 in Canada, but it sounds and looks more like 1938 in Germany.

Municipal, provincial, and federal politicians look on and do nothing. Law enforcement at all levels do nothing.

The Jewish community has to bring injunctions to stop this themselves across the country.

Our Canadian collective leadership has looked at continual targeting of Jews and decided to respond by collectively shrugging their shoulders.

Someone is going to get seriously hurt or injured. Someone could die. This won’t end well.

Increasingly, like throughout the course of our history, it appears as if the Jews are on our own. All that’s old is new again. But our resolve won’t break.

You couldn’t gas us out of existence.

You couldn’t burn us out of existence.

You couldn’t bury us out of existence.

We are still here. We aren’t going anywhere. We are alive.

Your Jew Hate will lose. Every. Single. Time.

This post was inspired due to antisemitic protests in Toronto which can be viewed HERE






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