Should city parking lots & garages be converted into apartments?

Ward 3 councillor Renaldo Agostino joins AM800 CKLW’s Jon Liedtke on The Shift to discuss converting city parking lots and garages into apartments to help alleviate the housing crisis.

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2 responses to “Should city parking lots & garages be converted into apartments?”

  1. Ryan Hughes Avatar
    Ryan Hughes

    Step 1. Demand our mayor resign. Step 2. Allow 4-plexes ANYWHERE within city limits. No conditions. No caveats. Step 3. Beg the federal government to give us the $30-70M for housing that our mayor refused. Step 4. If Dinkens still isn’t gone, drag him out. Step 5. Ban Short Term Rentals in Windsor….. permanently. Step 6. Expropriate investment houses from people and companies with more than one, and sell them to people and families, at current market rate. Step 7. Ban the buying of more than one Single Family Home for investment purposes. (I’m not a complete Scrooge or Communist.) Step 8. Apply rent caps on all rental properties, to the tune of 125% of the monthly mortgage price of said property. The 25% over means the owner can profit and/or invest it back into maintenance. Step 9. NOW consider retrofitting properties into apartments/condos. We have plenty of stock and space to fill. This should be a last resort. Step 10. Let’s cut ties with Shmuel Farhi. He’s a bully that owns half our city, already. Or DID own half our city, at some point. Whatever. Step 11. Mandate that any and all developers offer 20%, or more, of their houses/units below current market prices. Once those fill up, then they can rent/sell at what they want. We can work on the rest from here.

  2. Todd Burns Avatar
    Todd Burns

    That’s utter insanity from a person who is clearly not understanding what it takes to operate income properties…..
    We cannot go back in time , market value is still not within reach of so many. Capping rents has been done through our government for a very long time .

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