Musings before a convoy trial

There are histrionics going on about the convoy and blockades by pro-convoy types that needs to be addressed in the context of convoy rallier Tamara Lich and the idea of “authoritarian government overreach” in response to an inherently undemocratic movement.

Lich and the other convoyers and blockaders were part of a group that sought to overthrow government and replace it with their own choosing.

We did not see “authoritarian government overreach” from law enforcement or government, in fact, we saw excessive restraint for a very long time.

The gaslighting is so overwhelming. The pro-convoy types keep telling Canadians not to believe our lying eyes & that the convoy & blockades were as Canadian as Nanaimo bars or Butter Tarts, but we know the truth & won’t be gaslit. The convoy wasn’t peaceful, democratic, or just.

Residents were disrupted, billions lost in trade & productivity, violence, threats & intimidation of public officials occurred, children were used as human shields, & all for what?

To drop mandates that were literally scheduled to drop a month later. A collective and national temper tantrum. I will not lend credence to the histrionics that is occurring, and neither should you.

If you lived in a city with an occupation or blockade or slow-roll you know what it was actually like to have hundreds of people from out of town descend upon your city to cause mayhem & trouble.

There are some who suggest the government acted like fascists or that if you opposed the convoy you were akin to a sympathizer of a certain German government during World War Two.

Get real. This is beyond parody, but it’s also something more… some truly believe government are fascists suppressing democracy & not upholding democracy from insurrectionists intent on overthrowing the government & replacing it with their own.

As we approach an expected election expect the convoy types to once again voice their displeasure but remember that the way we change governments is at the ballot box, not through illegal occupations or blockades, no matter how much people gaslight you and tell you otherwise.

Jon Liedtke


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