Illegal to legal: Abi Roach’s cannabis journey leads to her own brand design, GREAZY

Abi Roach opened HOTBOX in Toronto in the year 2000 as a cannabis headshop and then turned it into HOTBOX CAFE in 2003, quickly establishing it as Canada’s second cannabis lounge.

Her journey led to her working with other cannabis activists advocating for sensible legalizaiton and regulations before she found herself working at the Ontario Cannabis Store as the former senior category manager for pre-rolls & senior product manager for merchandising, concentrates & accessories.

Today Abi Roach is head of marketing and merch at Mera Cannabis in St. Thomas and with her team she designed a new cannabis brand, GREAZY DABZ, which releases today, July 25, 2023.

Abi Roach, head of marketing and merch at Mera Cannabis joins AM800 CKLW’s Jon Liedtke on The Dan MacDonald Show to discuss her illegal-to-legal cannabis journey leading to her own legal brand design.

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