AM800 CKLW Tuesday Roundtable: Grocery rebates, Sunshine List revamp, paid social media, & gun violence & rights


  • The Liberal government has announced a “grocery rebate” in the form of a higher HST rebate. Will this help low income Canadians?
  • The Sunshine List was introduced in 1996 highlighting public employee salaries over $100,000, but adjusted for inflation today it should be about $175,000. Is it time to update the Sunshine List?
  • Elon Musk continues to decrease the experience of Twitter’s subscription-free model in an attempt to compel users to pay for Twitter Blue. Would you pay for social media?
  • There has been another school shooting in the USA, this time in Nashville. Are we desensitized to USA gun crime? Is Canadian gun legislation strong enough? What more can we do?

Interview with: Dan MacDonald, Jon Liedtke & Greg Lemay

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