ROSE CITY POLITICS: MP Kusmierczyk says Mayor’s flooding funding claims unfounded & feds funded region at unprecedented national levels

Rose City Politics
Jon Liedtke
Feb. 22, 2023

MP Kusmierczyk says Mayor Dilkens’ flooding funding claims unfounded and the federal government has funded the region at unprecedented national levels.

According to CBC Windsor, Mayor Drew Dilkens said if the federal government doesn’t meet the rising cost of the city’s flooding mitigation projects, taxes will go up for residents.

The mayor has argued that the federal government has not adhered to the terms of an agreement between the feds and the city.

I spoke with Windsor-Tecumseh MP Irek Kusmierczyk about the issue to get his perspective.

In an exclusive comment, MP Kusmierczyk told me:

  • Mayor’s characterization misleading
  • Federal contribution agreement states $32 million maximum with cost overruns responsibility from City of Windsor
  • He spoke with Mayor Dilkens & Councillor Gignac last Friday to discuss issue & share facts
  • federal government fulfilled funding agreement obligations.
  • Mayor & Councillor Gignac know he’s “ready to go after additional funding.”
  • Flooding has been a day one priority for him because he ran on it for councillor
  • Every year he’s sent a DMAF budget funding prioritization
  • He emphasizes $100 million in flood protection regionally in last three years.
  • He said committed to working with Windsor and Tecumseh to “go after more.”

MP Kusmierczyk takeaway: When it comes to flooding residents expect our leaders to provide the full story, all the facts. Flooding is too important.


“The Mayor’s characterization is misleading. The partnership agreement clearly states in black and white the federal contribution is a maximum of $32 million with cost overruns the responsibility of the City of Windsor.

I met with the Mayor and councillor Gignac last Friday to discuss this issue and share the facts of the agreement.

The federal government has absolutely fulfilled its part of the funding agreement that states it’s up to $32 million and that any overage is the responsibility of the city of Windsor.

I also told the Mayor and Councillor Gignac that I am always ready to go after additional funding. Flooding has been a priority for me from day one because in 2016 and 2017 I stood with residents of East Windsor in their flooded basements, and so every year in my budget submission I prioritize increasing DMAF funding for flood mitigation.

We have delivered each year since I was elected to office – our federal government has delivered close to $100 million in flood protection funding in the last three years, a record for our region, and I am committed to working with Windsor and Tecumseh to go after more.

But again, I disagree with the mayor’s misleading statement. Our federal government absolutely had fulfilled the partnership agreement.

When it comes to flooding residents expect our leaders to provide the full story, all the facts.

Flooding is too important.


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