Rose City Politics: Jon Liedtke asks Premier Ford if health changes are enough (VIDEO)

Jan, 19, 2023

Premier Ford recently said he spoke to a hospital executive who said Ontario’s healthcare system is only comparable to North Korea and Cuba, so I asked him whether his plans to expand access to private clinics will go far enough…

The Premier was in Windsor this week to announce a plan to allow healthcare workers registered in other provinces and territories to be automatically recognized to practice in Ontario.

“A doctor from British Columbia or a nurse from Quebec, who wants to come and work in Ontario, shouldn’t face barriers or bureaucratic delays to start providing care,” said Premier Ford. “These healthcare workers are highly trained. Other provinces and territories have the same high standards that we have here.”

The premier believes these out-of-province healthcare workers will heed his call that “now’s the time to make that move [to Ontario]”.


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