Hey AI, write a story about Windsor Ontario Canada by Werner Herzog

With the introduction of ChatGBT to the internet’s masses, I’ve been playing around with different inputs and prompts for the AI chatbot.

What better way to test its limits than a story about Windsor Ontario written by Werner Herzog? I think it’s bound to be a hit!

The city of Windsor, Ontario was once a bustling hub of industry and commerce, known for its thriving automotive industry and vibrant downtown core. But now, as the world descends into economic and ecological chaos, Windsor has become a desolate wasteland, its once-proud buildings reduced to crumbling ruins and its streets abandoned by all but the most desperate and downtrodden.

In the heart of the city, a lone figure wanders aimlessly, his clothes tattered and torn and his face gaunt with hunger. He is one of the few remaining survivors of the great collapse, a man who has seen more misery and suffering than any human being should have to endure.

As he shuffles through the empty streets, he is haunted by the ghosts of his past, the memories of the friends and loved ones he has lost along the way. He knows that there is no hope for the future, no chance of rebuilding the world that once was. All he can do is survive, day by day, until the end comes.

But even as he trudges through the desolate landscape, he knows that he is not alone. There are others out there, just like him, struggling to survive in this harsh and unforgiving world. And though they may never meet, they are united in their suffering, bound together by their shared misery and despair.

So they go on, wandering the ruins of Windsor, searching for scraps of food and shelter, their lives reduced to a never-ending cycle of survival and despair. And as the winds howl and the snow falls, they know that this is their fate, to live out their days in a cold and unforgiving world, until the end comes and they are finally released from their suffering.

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