Musings on negotiations with convoys

Jon Liedtke
Aug. 11, 2022

Ford government offered to “negotiate” with #AmbassadorBridgeBlockade protesters but were rejected by them.

PM Trudeau government considered negotiating with Convoy but did not follow through.

Feb. 10: RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki updated Trudeau, Ministers, & top government officials that “Windsor remains the number one priority”.

Feb 12: Lucki updates the same officials that the Province of Ontario failed at negotiating with protestors.

Ford’s government passed Keeping Ontario Open for Business Act giving police powers of roadside suspension of driver’s licences & vehicle permits, licence plate seizure when vehicle used in illegal blockade, & remove & store objects making blockade.

Not quite sure how I feel about 20 people in Windsor blocking two exit lanes of the Ambassador Bridge and having the Ford Government fold under that pressure and offer to negotiate directly with them…


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