Caryma Rules: Dougie, Take the Wheel

Caryma Sa’d – July 27, 2021

Six weeks to go until schools reopen, and the Ford administration’s plan for #SafeSeptember2021 seems to be… just wing it? Take note of the deliberate dismantling of Ontario’s education system and be wary of private schools popping up as a form of disaster capitalism.

What else should we expect from a premier who takes advice from (imaginary) children?

A tale of Premier Ford & school graduations in 4 acts:

1. Premier Ford took public health advice from a child named Arthur, per his own admission
2. School boards blindsided by Ford’s suggestion
3. School boards decide to follow public health regulations
4. Premier Ford gets mad

via Jon Liedtke (@jonliedtke) June 4, 2021

Dougie, Take the Wheel — Caryma Sa’d | Law, Comics, Media (


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