Jan. 4, 2019

Jon Liedtke, Owner of Higher Limits, is hoping that closing the doors of his three year old medical cannabis lounge on Ouellette Avenue in Windsor is not permanent. But, for now, it’s run afoul of an announcement by the Doug Ford Conservative government that vaping and smoking medical cannabis is equated with smoking tobacco products and would be covered by Ontario’s Smoke Free Ontario Act legislation. But, Liedtke says, “It’s been made aware to us by a senior member of the government that licensing medical cannabis and cigar lounges is coming.” He hopes it happens in the first or second quarter of this year, but acknowledges that government often moves very slowly. Liedtke adds that equating medical cannabis with tobacco is an infringement of the rights of people to smoke or vape cannabis for approved medical reasons. He indicates that in the meantime, he can’t keep his doors open without any revenue coming in. Higher Limits ceased operations at the end of 2018.”

HEARD ON THE STREET – Soulliere Financial – Biz X magazine


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