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AM800 – ROB HINDI – August 14 2018

The co-owner of Higher Limits in downtown Windsor is applauding the new Ford government’s decision to allow private retailers to sell cannabis in Ontario.

Jon Liedtke calls it a “huge step in the right direction.”

The province is scrapping the previous Liberal government’s plan to sell pot through government-run stores, much like alcohol.

Marijuana will be sold through an online-only retail chain known as the Ontario Cannabis Store when it’s legalized in October.

“I think the government warehousing of cannabis to sell to private individuals makes sense,” says Liedtke.  “Only in Ontario and in Canada though can we have cannabis legal October 17th but we won’t have any stores to purchase it at.”

Private retailers will begin selling next April.

Liedtke says he hopes to sell marijuana at his downtown business.

“I hope that it means that I have the opportunity through Higher Limits, to have an opportunity to apply for a retail sell licence when the time comes to it,” says Liedtke.  “I hope that they move forward with the licensing of cannabis lounges down the road.”

By Jon Liedtke

Jon Liedtke is a writer and musician in Windsor Ontario. He tells stories using words, pictures, audio and video.

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