AM800 – PETER LANGILLE – July 14 2018

A hold on tougher provincial regulations for vaping and smoking is being welcomed by the owner of a Windsor vaping lounge.

New Premier Doug Ford is pausing the tighter regulations that would have made combusting or vaping cannabis illegal in a workplace.

Higher Limits Owner Jon Liedtke is relieved by the move from the new government.

He told AM800 listeners on the Afternoon News the move is being welcomed by the vaping industry. He says it appears the PC’s are taking a look at what the regulations should look like.

“It looks like they’re analyzing it more so just through the lens of just vaping, which leave our industry sort of up in the air or up in smoke right now trying to wonder what’s going to happen with us so we’re regrouping and we’re going to have to re-double our efforts reaching out to this new government.”

Liedtke says vaping lounges have proven themselves.

“There’s a need for us, we’ve been around for 16 years, the longest one in the province.  As I’ve said numerous times we’ve had over 85,000 people come through our doors at Higher Limits since we opened up two years ago, so there’s a need for this and with legalization coming obviously we know we’ll need these spaces for recreational consumers.”

He says the industry will be working hard to get their message to the new government.

“The organization we’re part of, Sensible Ontario which represents cannabis businesses across the province, advocating for sensible policies. Are going to redouble our efforts and that’s going to include probably redirecting some of our lobbying efforts toward fighting our case for consumption lounges, one and then looking down the road allowing for on-site sale.”

Liedtke says Doug Ford has proclaimed he wants to put up a sign at the border saying Ontario is open for business adding there are more than 7-million Americans within an hour of Windsor who are interested in supporting cannabis businesses.


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