UWindsor Lance: [SATIRE] Cannabis Lounge boasts “inspirational space” for new art students

UWindsor Lance – Nov 28 2017

A project that commenced when Clew was still a substitute for Blackboard, the university’s newest downtown additions has finally concluded. Housing the creative arts students, both the Freedom Way building and the Windsor Armouries building will finally open for the Winter 2018 semester.

As their doors open, so do the doors of many eager downtown businesses. One place in particular, however, feels as though they have an advantage when catering to an artistic demographic.

Que in Higher Limits, downtown Windsor’s only cannabis vapour lounge. Co-owner John Liedtke believes his business has a competitive edge, claiming it to be an “inspirational space” for the incoming crowd.

“We’re excited for art students to be moving into the downtown core because we feel they’d get what we’re trying to do, namely creating art,” explains Higher Limits owner, Jon Liedtke. “Art students already make up about 50% of our demographic so this is a nice fit for us… we also serve pizza!”

Higher Limits offers a $200 annual student membership, allowing you to come in anytime during business hours and receive lounging benefits. We caught a student exiting the lounge for their first time, and he agreed that this is a “dank-ass” amenity.

“Are you guys cops?” asked first-year art student Jay Gags. “You legally have to tell me if you’re cops.”

However, some art students feel unfazed by accessibility to “inspiration”.

“I already get stoned and make cool shit, I can just do it for free in my ’97 Honda,” exclaims 4th art major Judy Pistachio.

Regardless, Liedtke is anticipating substantial growth to his business and welcomes all his new “buds” to the cannabis lounge.

“We’ve been preparing for these students since day one and can’t wait to say high to them while they’re soaking up the best wifi in the area and sketching away in the smokey haze of the cannabis lounge.”



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