Blackburn News: First Presidential Debate Inspires Windsor Viewing Parties

[Blackburn News – Ricardo Veneza] The first US presidential debate is set for Monday night pitting Democratic nominee Hilary Clinton against Republican nominee Donald Trump.

It seems Windsorites are very interested.

There are at least two formal viewing parties for the debate happening in Windsor — one being held at the Water’s Edge Event Centre and the other at the Higher Limits cannabis lounge.

Lydia Miljan, Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Windsor, will be a panelist at the Water’s Edge viewing party providing commentary on the debate.

Miljan thinks Trump’s controversial campaign has brought a lot of attention from those puzzled by his antics.

“I started watching [the election campaign] just because I was fascinated by the question of, ‘How did Trump get so far? What is the appeal of his message?’” says Miljan.

She points to the “carnival” nature of the Trump campaign for attracting so much attention.

“Eventually, I think our heads are going to fall off if we shake them too much because that’s been the ridiculousness that this campaign’s gone,” says Miljan.

The debate looks like it will be well watched.

“I think it will, just because it’s the curiosity thing,” says Miljan. “This is the first time we’ll have seen Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump next to each on stage, going head-to-head as it were.”

Admission is free for the Water’s Edge event with doors opening at 7:30pm.

Higher Limits is charging a $5 entry fee, but offering free rentals with doors opening at 8pm.

The debate is set to start at 9pm.

Election Day in the US is set for November 8.


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