CBC Windsor: Windsor marijuana vaping lounge applauds new Health Canada rules

[CBC Windsor] The federal government’s decision to allow medical marijuana patients to grow a limited amount of cannabis at home is music to the ears of Windsor’s first vaping lounge.

“I think it’s very good thing what they’ve done,” said Jon Liedtke, Co-owner of Higher Limits in Windsor.

“Expanding access to medical marijuana, ensuring that there is affordable, consistent supply to quality medical marijuana is of the utmost importance and what these regulations will do is ensure that medical marijuana users have that access,”

Patients can register with Health Canada to grow a “limited amount” of cannabis for their own medicinal purposes. Patients can also designate a licensed producer to grow it for them or purchase it from one of the 34 Health Canada-approved producers. 

The new rules were announced Thursday afternoon and come into effect on August 24th.

“I’m cautiously optimistic, however, because we still have to see what the legalization will look like under the recreational formula. Because today what they announced was that while these are temporary measures, they are seeking to have this model either run in parallel or have the recreation model replace this. So cautiously opmtimistic but these are very good moves forward.”

Liedtke believes the new rules could lead to more traffic for his business.



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