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Fox 2 Detroit: Canada to likely legalize pot impacting both sides of Detroit River

[Fox 2 Detroit – Charlie Langton] The push is on to legalize marijuana in Canada.

If our neighbors across the Detroit River give it the green light, a lot of metro Detroiters could head to Windsor to get high. A change in the law could have a big impact on both sides of the border.

Now there is a really good chance that sometime next year smoking pot for the fun of it, will be legal here in Canada. And that’s because the Canada’s Prime Minister said so and his Liberal party controls the government.

Not only smoking it but purchasing it as well,” said John Liedtke, owner of Higher Limits Medical Marijuana Lounge. “(Prime Minister Justin) Trudeau has said that he wants to legalize cannabis and he has said that next year he will be doing so.”

And that’s because the Canada’s Prime Minister said so and his Liberal party controls the government.

Which begs the question:

FOX 2: “Do you think anybody from Detroit would go to Windsor to smoke pot?”

“I think there is probably that possibility,” said Liedtke.

He is hoping that’s a possibility.  He owns a medical marijuana lounge where, he says, patients can come in and medicate.

“They can use a bong, they can use a pipe, they can smoke it in a joint, we have vaporizers we rent out,” he said. “We have electronic dab rigs that people can use for concentrates and extracts. People can consume edibles on-site.”

“These are medical users,” Liedtke said. “In Canada we have a really robust system for people to access medical marijuana.”
Canada currently authorizes 31 companies to grow cannabis for medical purposes.  But Jon is gearing up for a stash of pot lovers from Detroit to partake. 

“Once it becomes recreational,” he said. “Anybody can use this space.”

If you have a medical marijuana card you can come to Windsor to medicate, but if Canada allows marijuana to be used recreationally – you won’t need a card at all.

By Jon Liedtke

Jon Liedtke is a writer and musician in Windsor Ontario. He tells stories using words, pictures, audio and video.

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