BIZ X MAGAZINE: Medical Marijuana Lounges in Windsor Essex


At least two Windsor businesses — Higher Limits Cannabis Lounge and Vapelated Vapour Lounge — are currently open and allowing clients to smoke medical marijuana or inhale vapours from medical marijuana on their premises.

But, all that could change if amendments to existing medical marijuana legislation are approved later this summer. 

Jon Liedtke, Co-owner of Higher Limits with Alex Newman, has taken a political approach to the issue by helping establish the Canadian Cannabis Confederation whose mandate is to redouble lobbying efforts, while also meeting with as many Ontario MPPs as possible.

“We met with Ministry of Health officials and they indicated this issue is not as black and white as it has been portrayed,” declares Liedtke. “I was very encouraged by the meeting and the fact that ministry officials were willing to meet and listen to what we had to say. They could have simply declined the meeting, but they didn’t, which I view as a positive development.”

Meanwhile, Leo Lucier, Owner of Vapelated Vapour Lounge at 26 Chatham Street East, says his objective – beyond continuing to operate his lounge – is to become a licensed dispensary for medical marijuana. His plan is to install a vending machine in his lounge, which would require those with medical marijuana prescriptions to punch in their prescription number and then use a debit card or credit card to pay for their marijuana.

“It needs to be tightly controlled – if that is what it takes,” states Lucier. “Although, there are lounges across this country where it’s not controlled and they are handing out pot over the counter like it’s gum.”

In fact, medical marijuana dispensaries have popped up in cities across Canada including Vancouver and Toronto where law enforcement officials seems to be taking a wait-and-see approach given the pending legalization of marijuana for recreational use.

Feature photo: Jon Liedtke, Co-owner of Higher Limits, displays the type of marijuana pipe used by many of his patrons who have prescriptions for medical marijuana.

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