Blackburn News: Proposed Changes to Smoke-Free Ontario Act Unconstitutional

[Blackburn News – Maureen Revait] The owner of Windsor’s only vapour lounge is calling the provincial government’s attempt to limit where people can use medical marijuana unconstitutional.

The Ontario government is proposing changes to the Smoke-Free Ontario Act that would prohibit the use of e-cigarettes and the smoking and vaping of medical marijuana in all enclosed public spaces.

Co-owner of Higher Limits Jon Liedtke says it’s a mistake to include medical marijuana users in this legislation.

“You can’t go and tell a large group of a medical population that they can’t take their medication somewhere. It’s unconstitutional and it will be challenged,” says Liedtke.

He believes the Ontario government is trying to get out ahead of legislation that will make recreational marijuana use legal in Canada.

“There needs to be legislative policies put into place which ensures the protection of medical marijuana users amid these policies that are trying to deal with recreational marijuana users,” says Liedtke.

Liedtke says he will be providing his comments to the provincial government on the proposed changes. He believes there should be an exemption included in the legislation for cannabis lounges.

“The people that come into my business are medical users. They have a right to consume their medication how they see fit, that’s been affirmed by the Supreme Court of Canada.” says Liedtke.


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