The Windsor Independent – Jon Liedtke
Dec 4, 2015

While the 400,000 individually controlled LED lights adorning the ceiling certainly capture your attention at the outset, also competing to full grab ahold of your senses are the 10 massive subwoofers, flashing strobelights, a six-foot illuminated LED screen behind a raised DJ booth, and three separate bars staffed by beautiful servers.

It may look like Vegas or New York, but it’s actually ARIIUS, the latest club to open its doors at Caesars Windsor.

“The venue, we try to make it as high class and as competitive as other major nightclubs in big cities as we could, especially compared to the usual nightclubs everyone is used to in Windsor,” said Patrick Kim, one of the owners of ARIIUS. “[It’s a] 590 capacity, it could actually hold a lot more … it’s designed for 900 people.”

Bottles range from $200 to $625, and drinks start at $4.75 to $60 a drink; we’re talking mixed scotch and cognac blends.

While everyone 19 and over is welcome in the establishment, Kim noted the club had a dress code intended to impress. “It’s not gym shorts and slippers.”

Having received reservations primarily from those who are over 22, ARIIUS is seeking to cater to a clientele which hasn’t “out in a while, but have found out there’s a club in Caesars Windsor, and they’re looking to do something other than the standard nightclub in Windsor.”

“I don’t really think of downtown Windsor as competition, this is a tourist destination … our major competition would be across the border.”

ARIIUS is open Friday and Saturday night at Caesars Windsor.

A peek inside Caesars’ new ARIIUS nightclub – Windsor Independent (

Jon Liedtke was a co-owner and business development manager for The Windsor Independent.


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