CTV WINDSOR: Millson, Dilkens winners in ‘social media generation’ #VoteNowVoteThen debate

CTV Windsor – October 16, 2014

Mayoral candidates John Millson and Drew Dilkens each picked up wins at a debate targeting the so-called ‘social media generation.’

Ten of 12 mayoral candidates took part in the debate – organized by local youth groups – that drew over 250 people to the Foundry Pub Wednesday night.

“We’re beyond thankful for the participation of the mayoral candidates and attendees last night,” said Dan Brown of YKNOT Windsor-Essex. “We expect that the ideas of this event will be influential to and implemented by Windsor’s next mayor.”

Roughly 75 questions were fielded via from various social media channels through the course of the debate.

An average of 100 votes were cast in each round of the debate, with Millson picking up narrow wins in all three rounds under first-past-the-post and conventional vote-counting, but Dilkens winning when ranked voting was calculated in the third round.

Jon Liedtke of the Urbanite, who also served as the moderator of the debate, added “In Windsor the social media generation, 18 to 39 year olds, account for roughly 30 per cent of eligible voters and are the second largest voter block and our intention was to empower our demographic.”

The only candidates not in attendance were Ernie The Baconman and Bruce Martin, though officials say both were extended invitations, and the former having confirmed his attendance.

Millson, Dilkens winners in ‘social media generation’ #VoteNowVoteThen debate | CTV News


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