The Urbanite: Going against the grain

The Urbanite – Jon Liedtke – Jan. 29, 2014

A local woodworker who specializes in custom dining room tables is being scouted by a production company that creates television shows for HGTV. 

Todd Lindsay, a 41-year-old local wood- worker who is employed at Chrysler and produces custom works during his spare time, said that he’s been in talks to be featured on a television program. 

“A production company in Ottawa, they do a few TV shows for HGTV, they got a hold of me a couple weeks ago,” said Lindsay. “They have a few up and coming TV shows they’re looking for people to fill some spots… that’s always fun to do.” 

Lindsay is self-taught and explained that it was a challenge to learn the tricks of his trade without formal education or training. 

“It is a challenge, there’s a lot of techniques. in woodworking,” said Lindsay. “It’s challenging figuring out everything to do [on your own]. I’ve been doing it for over 20 years, so I’ve kind of got a lot of practice.” 

Lindsay primarily uses reclaimed wood from century-old barns scoured throughout the region. 

“There’s a lot of work involved in taking down a barn,” said Lindsay. “You pull out the beams, then you have to de-nail them, then you have to get them cut into boards. and make sure they’re dry, then you start to work on a table.” 

Lindsay’s custom pieces can take anywhere from 20 to 40 hours to complete and a piece that he designed for The Manchester Pub was “labour intensive.” 

“I usually take a couple days off a week just to concentrate on this, and pretty much I’m a few months backed up,” he said, while adding that he turns away 30 to 40 requests per month. “My tables have been in Switzerland, Ireland, [the] USA, Canada … it’s not worldwide, but it is international.” 

Lindsay said that requests primarily come to him through word-of-mouth but that he maintains a website to get the word out. 

“I’m a little secret in Windsor,” he said. “Sometimes I really don’t know how they find me.” 

The Urbanite: Going against the grain
JON LIEDTKE – Jan. 29, 2014
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Jon Liedtke (The Urbanite – Jay Verspeelt)

Jonathon Liedtke is the managing editor of The Urbanite, Windsor’s alternative newspaper. He is also a member of Windsor’s “Punk with Horns” band The Nefidovs, and as such, is committed to enhancing and sustaining the arts community.

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