CTV WINDSOR: The Lance to print one more edition

CTV WINDSOR – April 9, 2013

There is still some hope for the University of Windsor newspaper.

After an emergency board meeting was called Monday night, The Lance will print at least one more issue.

“Our initial decision was to suspend print media immediately,” says Jamal Mohamud, University of Windsor Students’ Alliance. “Our reason to do so was we tried to mitigate any expense we could without firing anyone.”

The UWSA voted in favour of allowing the publication to print their April 17 edition of The Lance.

The paper must now submit a new operating budget to the board on April 30.

Depending on the results, a bailout from the university and the student alliance could be in the cards thanks to university president Alan Wildeman.

Regardless of the outcome, The Lance is looking to become its own entity on campus and separate itself from the UWSA.

“We would like to work towards legally separating from UWSA to allow The Lance to continue the excellent investigative journalism into the UWSA and the community and campus at large,” says Lance staff member Jon Liedtke.

The Lance to print one more edition | CTV News


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