UWindsor Lance: do you concur? Student Sex Party

UWindsor Lance
Issue 28, Volume 85
Jan. 23, 2013
Jon Liedtke

The University of Toronto Sexual Education Centre (SEC) is holding its kickoff event for Sexual Awareness Week at Toronto’s water-themed adult playground, Oasis Aqua Lounge.

Oasis Aqua Lounge bills itself as Toronto’s “sexual oasis in the city,” where clothing is optional throughout the entire facility.

And While the SEC has spent a considerable amount of time attempting to portray the event to the media— following some questionable press— as educational, many are still upset that student fees are being paid to what is well known as a sex

Representatives from the SEC have made clear that the event isn’t an orgy in any sense of the word, while uttering during the same breath that the event becomes clothing optional in the evening.

University is an excellent time for students to come to terms with their sexuality and experiment if that is what they want to do; nobody is stopping students from experimenting sexually in privacy.

Many, however, are questioning why an organization which receives student fees is renting out a sex club for a day Indeed, the question is relevant.

The SEC exists to help promote and foster a sex-positive attitude at the University of Toronto through providing services similar to that of other clubs and committees (providing information, programming, etc).

Nobody will disagree that providing information about sex in a positive way is, well positive. The disagreement springs up when you start to think about the merits behind renting a sex club.

Oasis Aqua Lounge doesn’t attempt to hide what services they offer and their website speaks quite candidly about the services which they do provide: water fun, a Shaggin’ Wagon room, and Foreplay Thursdays.

The SEC is, however, attempting to hide the fact that they are actively spending money on, and promoting a sex club using student fees.

It’s quite hard to not sound prudish while writing this piece, as I really want to be able to stand behind the idea of promoting safe sex.

But this isn’t about promoting safe sex. In fact, it’s about promoting sex with multiple partners, in an open environment, that is de facto school sponsored.

While students are able to opt-out of the fee paid to the SEC, such is a side issue.

Who ends up being liable if something were to go wrong?

Let’s say a student contracts a sexual infection of some kind while on this school outing; who is at fault? If a female student gets pregnant while on this school outing or is coerced into having sex at the establishment while under the influence of alcohol? Who is at fault then?

While these are extreme situations, liability knows of no such boundaries.

Any of these situations can happen at Oasis Aqua Lounge at any time, but the difference is that this event is de facto school sanctioned.

Promoting safe sex is of the utmost importance and it should be done so in a professional and engaging way.

Promoting sex itself is something that should not be undertaken by a student association.

UWindsor Lance
do you concur? Student Sex Party
Issue 28, Volume 85
Jan. 23, 2013
Jon Liedtke
Page 11

Jon Liedtke was the Features and Opinions Editor, Advertising Manager and Deficit Consultant at the UWindsor Lance.


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