UWindsor Lance: Festivus for the rest of us

UWindsor Lance
Issue 23, Volume 85
Dec. 05, 2012
Jon Liedtke

It’s the time of year when every citizen dons the same festive attire, purchases the same festive ornaments, and celebrates the same festive holiday: Christmas.

Don’t let anybody fool you , the month of December is for one thing, and one thing alone: Christmas.

It’s not about Hannukah or Kwanzaa, and it certainly isn’t about anything Pagan or of any other faith.

It’s solely about Christmas and if you dare wish somebody happy holidays, odds are you might be in for a bit of a shock.

Or at least. that’s the world that is presented year after year by those who can’t seem to understand that we live in a multicultural society in which not everybody is typecast as a Christian who celebrates Christmas.

I’m going to leave the fact that the holiday season is primarily about consumerism (read my opinion last week on this matter) aside and instead attempt to cement that some people might be offended by the barrage of Christmas cheer.

There are the countless letters to editors that emphatically state that Christians are losing the ‘War on Christmas. At quick glance, it would appear that we live in a repressive society in which Christmas is outlawed by the authorities and instead
residents are forced to celebrate an all-encompassing holiday event…such is not the case.

Christmas is alive and well, but so is Hannukah. Kwanzaa, Diwali and the like.

The simple fact-of-the-matter is there are other holidays in December, not just Christmas.

If you’re offended by somebody saying, ‘Happy Holidays’ that’s fine, but it doesn’t mean that there is a “War on Christmas”. All that it means is that the well-wisher didn’t automatically assume you were a Christian and decided instead to play the safe card in hopes of not offending you.

Cheer up, enjoy the season and…Happy Holidays!

UWindsor Lance
Festivus for the rest of us
Issue 23, Volume 85
Dec. 05, 2012
Jon Liedtke
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Jon Liedtke was the Features and Opinions Editor, Advertising Manager and Deficit Consultant at the UWindsor Lance.


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