UWindsor Lance: Nobel Peace Prize awarded to EU; hilarity ensues

UWindsor Lance
Issue 16, Volume 85
Oct. 17, 2012
Jon Liedtke

The sincerest and utmost congratulations must be extended to the Nobel Peace Prize committee of five for making the difficult choice of awarding this year’s prize
to the European Union.

In a world in which words have no meaning and obfuscation runs rampant, I suppose it is no wonder that an economic and political union of 27 member states,
which finds its origins in the European Coal and Steel Community and the European Economic Community, would be awarded a prize for ‘outstanding contributions
in peace’.

At a time when the strong economies in the Union are dictating to weaker ones that they must adhere to strict fiscal policies and forced austerity, it truly is a remarkable feat that the Norwegian Nobel Committee was able to view the world through a rose coloured lens, rather than look firsthand at the turmoil that is resulting from forced austerity.

In Greece, due to social cutbacks and severe unemployment, the far right and racist Golden Dawn political party is gaining legitimate political traction. Golden Dawn has been described as neo-Nazi and fascist by members of the media and scholars, and has been accused of committing numerous acts of violence and hate crimes against immigrants, political opponents and ethnic minorities.

This should come as no surprise. During times of severe economic uncertainty people naturally retract inward and become suspicious of outsiders.

The issue at hand is as a result of forced self-denial, the European Union is itself causing its own member states to retract inward and fear outsiders; so much for a union of states.

But the committee doesn’t have the greatest track record. Many cite the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to U.S. President Obama to be entirely hypocritical as
he was at the time commanding two foreign wars. The will of Alfred Nobel stated that the Peace Prize should be awarded to a person who “shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses.”

To award the peace prize to the European Union goes directly against Alfred Nobel’s intentions and is an entirely laughable matter.

For a country to become a member of the European Union the unwritten rule is that the country must also join NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization). NATO
along with the European Union has invaded countless countries, caused the deaths of numerous civilians, and in general, has been a proponent of war. Merits aside,
there is no denying that when it comes to securing global peace, often times, there is the need for immense bloodshed.

The fact that the Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to the European is an affront to common sense. Having said this, it is essential to remember that we live not in a world where words have meanings, but rather, in a world in which words can be appropriated for specific purposes and definitions can change on a variable basis.

UWindsor Lance
Nobel Peace Prize awarded to EU; hilarity ensues
Issue 16, Volume 85
Oct. 17, 2012
Jon Liedtke
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Jon Liedtke was the Features and Opinions Editor, Advertising Manager and Deficit Consultant at the UWindsor Lance.


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