UWINDSOR LANCE: A Pint with…The Nefidovs

UWindsor Lance
Joey Acott – multimedia editor
Oct. 3, 2012

It’s easy to think ska the moment you see a band set up a trumpet, saxophone and trombone, but try not to mutter the “s-word” around Windsor’s The Nefidovs because you’d be wildly wrong. The group are the punkest, horn-iest, band around and has audiences dancing or moshing at every show without fail. The Lance had a beer with the band in the middle of a field behind their jam space out in Tecumseh.

JOEY ACOTT: Can you describe your sound?

JON LIEDTKE: We’re a lot harder than we were before; we used to be really soft.

ADAM D’ANDREA: our audience is a lot harder now too

JL: Before we just fiddled around doing some covers, but now we’re a pretty solidified group. We think we’re a bit of punk with horns. I think it’s uniquely our own to a certain extent. We can’t put a genre as to what we are, we’re not ska though.

JA: What is a Nefidov? I hate asking bands what their name means, but yours is so weird. What’s it mean?

DOUG CLARKE: Graham (the original drummer) and I were joking around about how it would be funny if we named our band like Lynyrd Skynyrd did, so we started off as the Chudicks for a week, who was our gym teacher. Then we thought the math teacher, Miss Nefidov, that’s funny. Then everything happened fast and we never thought to change the band and now it’s too late.

JA: Are you the only one who even knows who she is?

DC: Yeah, the original members like Graham, Craig, and Leah all knew her, but I guess I’m the only one now.

JA: Why should people not call you a ska band? And do you hate it when they do?

NICK MUNK: I think if a heavy ska fan came out thinking we’re ska, they’d probably be disappointed. Someone who’s a die hard ska fan might not enjoy us as much.

AD: People hear ska and automatically think obnoxiously happy, Reel Big Fish kind of stuff, and no offense if you like that kind of stuff though. I don’t hate when people call us a ska band, but I’m not thrilled. It’s understandable though, we do have a lot of ska influences but we don ‘t want to be limited to that sound.

A PINT with… The Nefidovs
Joey Acott – multimedia editor
Oct. 3, 2012
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