TORO Magazine: Interview with Michou

TORO Magazine
Feb. 10, 2010
Jesse Skinner

Jon Liedtke sat in on trumpet with Michou for a show at The Supermarket in Toronto’s Kensington Market, but first the band joined TORO Magazine for an interview at their offices.

“Michou [ME-shoo] started out as the solo project of singer Michael Hargreaves, but it didn’t take long to get his songs down on record with full support. Hargreaves tells TORO’s Jesse Skinner that they recorded their sophomore album, Cardona, in Winnipeg, and that they kept most of the cuts from the session even though their producer was missing in action. Check out their Garage Band performance of “Growing Younger,” the first song from that session.”

TORO Magazine, Feb. 10, 2010

GARAGE BAND: Interview with Michou – YouTube


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