Stir the Pot: CPAC & 1000 Russian flags emblazoned in gold TRUMP

Stir the Pot with Jon Liedtke

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In this episode I speak with Jason Charter, the activist and prankster who brought 1000 Russian flags emblazoned with TRUMP in gold to CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference, and managed to convince Trump supporters to wave them while the president delivered his keynote speech.

Jason Charter CPAC Russian Flags

Jason Charter, standing outside of CPAC, with the Russian Flags he emblazoned with TRUMP in gold

(Twitter photos sourced via Buzzfeed)

Join me as I Stir the Pot, turning up the heat, making sense of the news & BS that’s trying to blind us, while I talk about politics and beyond. Now more than ever we need to confront the issues head on, and that’s just what I’ll be doing. Check out for all of my podcasts, articles, content, and more. Intro/Outro Music: Atta Boy, The Nefidovs

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