03/03/17 – Social Media Roundup w/ Jon Liedtke

Join me as I try to make sense of the news & BS that seeks to blind us, or just me,  far too often, from home to far away. 

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Welcome to Post 2. If you ended up here without seeing yesterday’s post, it’s here. These posts focus on the news of the day that I come across and they’re primarily gathered from my social media feeds. I’m not acting as a reporter in these posts, rather as a collator with occasional commentary, insights where possible, and more than likely some criticisms as well. I’m not going to share everything I post, just news for the most part, and other random funny stuff.
I’ll also add to the post after it’s live, so check back if you’re bored?

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Post of the Day: If you don’t know, I’m an owner of Higher Limits, a cannabis lounge in downtown Windsor, and our neighbours below us, HackForge are AWESOME. Specifically Managing Director, Sarah Morris, who messaged me out of the blue asking if I’d mind a welcoming chalk message on the sidewalk. Well, as you can see below, obviously I had no issue with it. THANKS SARAH!

Runner Up Post of the Day:

Disclosure: A disproportionate number of my posts will have to do with Trump, and it’s because everything that’s happening is outrageous

Daily Fun:Today’s Daily Fun was brought to you by CBC Windsor‘s The Afternoon Drive, when I was asked to stop by to talk about cannabis and dispensary raids taking place across the country. The host Bob Steele and I had a good back and forth about the issues at hand, primarily the harm being caused, the state of confusion regarding the law, its enforcement, the courts, and the timetable of legalization.

Cannabis News:

Trumpland Explainers:This section is designed to help get you into my headspace regarding the Trump Administration.

Random Trumpland:



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Well hey, you made it to the end! Thanks for reading. I’m looking forward to growing this blog, and I’ll be seeing you tomorrow!

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(My featured photo was shot by Ryan Brough of Zeebrah, and you should check out his work/considering hiring him for a gig if you need a photog. http://zeebrahmedia.com//)

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