Dirty Bingo, sex toys & Spencer Rice: a live show like no other

Spencer Rice among a plethora of sex toys promoting his live event, Dirty Bingo // Photo from Facebook - Spencer Rice

Spencer Rice among a plethora of sex toys promoting his live event, Dirty Bingo
// Photo from Facebook – Spencer Rice

Spencer Rice likes sex.

He likes sex so much he’s made two television series and a full length movie about the subject – and that’s not including the sexual antics he dove head first into in Kenny Vs. Spenny.

In fact, he likes sex so much that he’s hosting Sex Toy Bingo, a dirty bingo show in various cities in the country and the subject is all about sex.

“The more I thought about it, the more it was consistent with some of my projects. I did X-Rayted [and] Confessions of a Porn Addict, I directed a porn in Kenny vs. Spenny, I’ve always found sex to be a good area comedically, and this thing is just, it’s gold, because I can kind of incorporate all of that stuff and come up with new stuff and the kids seem to love it, it’s a win-win.”

The event is not your average bingo night, with players having to say sexual winning words instead of bingo. “… instead of saying Bingo they have to say ‘I’ve got a dildo in my ass’, if they don’t say it, they don’t win.”

Rice will showcase clips from his videos and television shows and might even unleash Grandma Marlene on the audience. “I do a character named Grandma Marlene who is an 80 year old slut who talks about her life, it ain’t Shakespeare what can I tell ya.”

Sex and comedy was at the forefront of Kenny Vs. Spenny and Rice explained that truly he enjoys the subject.

“Having it is always good, I’m a man and … sex is good. It’s good for creating human beings too, lets not forget that,” he said. “In terms of an area with comedy, it’s solid gold. My humour is self deprecating in general … whether it be my penis size, my sexual performance, my views on sex.”

“Contrary to some rumours on the internet, I’m a heterosexual man … obviously the tranny that blew me multiple times doesn’t help, the truth is I really dont care. I know what I am and I’m not homophobic.”

Sex Toy Bingo takes place at The Manchester on March 29. Tickets are currently on sale in advance for $13, and will be available at the event for $13. The show will include giveaways, acoustic performances, trivia and comedy, as well as bingo.

For more information about Dirty Bingo with Spencer Rice at the Manchester, visit the Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1547764048816283/

This story first appeared on The Windsor Independent: http://windsorindependent.com/sex-and-bingo-spencer-rice-at-the-manchester/

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