What’s the deal with …. Jerry Seinfeld rocks WFCU Centre

The irreverent Jerry Seinfeld delighted fans in Windsor Ontario during his performance at the WFCU Centre last Friday.

The parking lot was filled to the brim, the crowd teetering towards the venue’s 6,500 capacity, boxes filled and beers were in hand; it was time for the show.

Seinfeld, best known for his television show titled for his surname which was expressly about nothing in particular, followed suit in his performance in so much as it was not about anything in particular.

Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld //comediansincarsgettingcoffee.com

Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld //comediansincarsgettingcoffee.com

Starting the evening with a one-liner mocking the spelling of the WFCU Centre and how closely it resembles “FU,” and commenting about how Windsor comes with all the benefits of Detroit but without having to live there, Seinfeld progressed from humour about Windsor to the casual observations about life that he is so well known for.

Commenting to the audience that the show was a “phony, hyped up … special event” designed to “convince ourselves that our lives don’t suck,” Seinfeld explained humans are forced to look for things to do in life to fill in the gaps. “People say life’s too short, I say it’s way too long. Look at all the things you’ve got to make up to fill it in. That’s why I’m here, I had nothing to do either.”

Traversing in topics ranging from from why beds are eminently more comfortable than chairs, which are more comfortable than standing, Seinfeld commanded the attention of audience, what appeared to be a full house, for well over an hour.

Some of the biggest laughs of the audience came after Seinfeld made jokes about his family and the difficulties he has navigating married life.

“Marriage is a bit of a chess game, it’s not checkers, it’s chess! Complex movements, intricate strategies,” he said. “Except in marriage the board is flowing water, and all the chess pieces are made of smoke; you can make all the moves you want, they will not affect the outcome of the game.”

What was most interesting about the performance – aside from how packed the WFCU Centre was with tickets starting at $61.25 – was the diversity in demographics making up the crowd: it was truly a grandchild, parent and grandparent affair.

While his jokes often appealed to a specific demographic, through his writing and delivery, Seinfeld resonates with the whole crowd over.

Unbeknownst to the crowd, Tony Blak of Blak’s Bakery pulled a joke on Seinfeld when he sent a loaf of marble rye to the comedian to be placed in his dressing room.

The marble rye – a reference to episode 121 of Seinfeld, titled The Rye – caught the attention of Jessica Seinfeld, Jerry’s wife, who posted a photo on Instagram of the bread smeared with butter.

“Every once in awhile, Jerry comes home from being on the road with something really good. This time, it was the most gorgeous and delicious marble rye bread from Blak’s Bakery in Windsor, Ontario,” she said. “If I lived there, I’d be smearing butter on this bread all day long.”

Here’s to hoping Windsor continues to land big name acts.

This article was first published on The Windsor Independent: http://windsorindependent.com/performing-nothing-seinfeld-slays-wfcu/

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