Album: The Nefidovs – Better Wake Up!

  • Video: Lookout

    Filmed and edited by Chris Warner:

    Album:  Better Wake Up!

    Release Date: March 1, 2013

    Band Members: Doug, Adam, Nick, Jon, Kirk, Rich

    All tracks written by Nefidovs past and present

    Produced by Rene D La Muerté (The Brains) who also produced work for The Brains, and Planet Smashers among others.

    Article links:

    The Windsor Independent: Interview with the Nefidovs

    I met with Jon Lietdke and Kirk Guthrie, a portion of the horn section of the eclectic punk/ska/hardcore/whateveryouwannacallit band, the Nefidovs, over a pint of beer at the Dominion House.

    Read more: The Nefidovs CD Release @ FM With The Rowley Estate, James OL & The Villains, and Shared Arms

    When Windsor’s The Nefidovs released their new album at FM Lounge (156 Chatham Street West) on Friday night, it was one of the best parties to happen there in a while.

    The new record is called Better Wake Up! and was released independently. The band recorded in Windsor with help from Rene de la Muerte of Montreal psychobilly band The Brains.

    Read more:


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